Latest Project

MA Thesis in Visual Anthropology

The Poetics of Island-dwelling: Home and Second Home on Indrevær

This summer I’ve returned to the childhood home of my maternal grandfather to explore the poetics of dwelling on Indrevær, a remote island on the west-coast of Norway. Using sensory media and collaborating with the island’s only permanent inhabitant, and other seasonal dwellers, the project takes the form of place-making to document and reimagine the island’s past, present and future; reflecting on what it means to dwell in a place affected by currents. It seeks to contextualise how we mediate our relationship with rural areas affected by depopulation through different forms of dwelling and how this shapes our perception of the island, our sense of belonging and experience of time and place.

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I started writing poetry and short stories for the first time when I was 14. I was in hospital, having my tonsils removed and my mum bought me a little journal that I eagerly nurtured with vivid imagination.

My first “scribblings” are well-hidden, but I’ll share a few on my site here.


The man on the street? The woman next door? The non-existent Milkman? The up-and-coming Film Director? The Cosmonaut? The ex-gangster? The Underdog? Who are they?

I ask the questions. The they do the talking.

Until we met we were strangers, and every stranger has a story to tell.


A few years ago I got myself a nikon camera to accompany my pen as I wanted to start capturing the essence of moments and people not just with words, but also through the lens.